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Septic Maintenance

Do you need your septic system maintained? We offer maintenance contracts for many septic systems.

Our well-trained technicians will ensure your septic system functions well, giving you peace of mind. Regular maintenance extends the life of your system and satisfies Health Department requirements for Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems and Aerobic Treatment Units.

Systems we maintain include:

  • Multi-Flo units

  • M6-Evolution

  • Nayadic units

  • Lift stations

  • Control panels

  • Septic alarms

  • Tank alert systems

  • MDI alarms

Lake Cook Trenching is a factory authorized dealer and service provider for Multi-Flo & Nayadic Aeration Units.

We are available for emergency calls

Call us for service today!

Multiflow Septic system maintenance
Nayadic Septic system maintenance
Septic system alarm
Tank Alert Alarm
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